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- Temporarily Closed! Back By 6/19 -

Hello Friends! A few updates.

  • 1) Hillary's taken the week off to prepare our summer mystery boxes for shipment!

  • 2) The clue for the fall mystery box is The Telltale Box which is  kind of obvious but there you go. Preorders for this start August first.

  • 3) Due to real life demand and business demands, we are unlikely to do a seasonal preorder for winter. HOWEVER, we are talking about the possibility of pre-assembled mystery boxes. More on this later, when I'm actually capable of considering the winter rush. I'm just getting used to sunshine again.

  • 4) In an effort to reach customers old and new, we maintain a policy of ten items per customer per week after hearing some concerns from long-time shoppers that they couldn't access much on the site. We're a niche shop in many ways, catering to a diverse audience, and we want to be there for everyone, of all income brackets, whenever we can. The item window runs from Sunday to Saturday. Any items purchased OVER the ten item limit will be refunded and put back into available inventory.  Thank you for understanding.


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