Some information on Monarch Opals.

Monarch opals are cultured in a lab, grown and developed specifically for their explosive color combinations.  They're referred to as Galaxy Opals and, unlike most real opals, can come in larger sizes (like this one--it's 40mm from top to bottom, so a CHONKA opal) at more accessible price points.  These opals contain no dyes--they are simply developed by a skilled worker, and every lab grown opal turns out differently, just as they would in nature.  These stones have the same chemical composition as a natural stone opal.

This piece called to me specifically because it reminded me of a cathedral window or perhaps a Tiffani lamp.  The color play is remarkable, and Becky wanted it to be a focus, so while there is tons and tons of sterling wrap (and all sterling components surrounding it), she never took away from the complexity of the stone.  All sterling is .925, and any small sterling pieces you see are, in fact, genuine opal accent.

This piece is sold with a sterling silver beaded chain, specified to your length.  


Lead and nickel free.  One of a kind.

Becky's Opal Monarch

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