It's amazing to me that I'm going to keep going back to that clasp when the rest of this piece is legendary.


So, it's an elephant--a sterling elephant.  It's adorable.  It's trunk is the clasp.  OH EM GEE.


Now let's move onto the actual necklace itself.  (But still, THAT CLASP.)  Hand-knotted on silk thread, this piece is amethyst, apatite, and rose quartz.  The colors are so, so vibrant, the amethyst squares a rich hue of purple, and the tiny bits of green and rose accent them.  It tells a color story, and it is, indeed, a very good story.  


This piece comes in at 20" and cannot be resized on account of its construction.  


Lead/nickel free.  

Meg's Elephant Never Forgets

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$221.00Sale Price