Vavia has found us some flappy bats for fans of air-rodents!


(I am a fan of air rodents, fyi.)


This lampwork focal is a dream--glass, painted with chemicals to maintain the finish, sandblasted, sanded--to achieve this result takes skill and know-how.  Vavia found that with MasqueBeads and promptly paired the bat pendant with coordinating beading in Swarovski crystal, silver obsidian, blue goldstone (that black stone with the purple sparkles), and lots and lots of base metal silvers in stainless/silverplate.


This has Vavia's signature double strand finish--clasp both chains it's 18".  Clasp only one, it's 21".  I love that you can personalize it.


Lead/nickel free.


Vavia's Fly-by-Nights Necklace

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