This was one of those finds that made me, Sara Eileen, and Becky all go OOoooOoOooh when we saw it.  That glass flower is /superb./  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, it's delicate--treat it with respect.  Layers of handcrafted petals in glass can't go slamming on a marble floor.  That said, it's sublime, the lampwork bloom itself by JewelryBeadsByKatie.  You're probably tired of me explaining that lampwork is not a factory born item--they're pieces of art themselves, crafted by artisans, then used by beadworkers like Vavia to make OTHER artwork.


This has so many uses--an elegant white piece.  A bridal piece, even.  Vavia paired the flower with glass, ice-flake quartz, crystal, and goldplate.  Both clasps hooked, it's 18".  One clasp hooked, it's 18".


And it's perfect.


Lead/nickel free.  

Vavia's Iceflower

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