The Grace Collection is something a little different for us around here.

We inherited these pieces, some complete and ready to go, some in need of varying degrees of TLC, from a crafter who lost their ability to make jewelry due to illness and the challenges of their treatment plan.  Looking at their old cache bothered them tremendously--they were heavy reminders of what they simply couldn't do anymore--and so they donated the whole kit and caboodle to a friend of the shop.  That friend turned a portion of the jewelry goods over to Meg, who in turn shipped it to me.  

I offered to compensate this artist for their astonishing skills, but the money, too, was rejected as another reminder of what once was, and so here we are.  Profits from these sales will be split three ways: The Peculiarity Shop, the absolutely fantastic webzine Mermaid's Monthly, and charitable causes, one benefitting ocean preservation, the other directly compensating at-risk queer identities to help them with food, lodging, and other care needs.  

These pieces are all brand new, they have been looked over and checked by me personally. We offer the same guarantees on these products as we do everything else, including but not limited to no lead or nickel and an open door policy should questions or troubles arise re: the piece.


Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy what you see.