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Welcome Back, Friends!

2024 is here and with it, some new directions and opportunities. First off, you may notice a tab called "The Seasonal Box" in the menu bar. We've unveiled our mystery boxes, which you can read about here. We're excited for SPRING HAZE; this idea for mystery boxes comes from a deep love of them ourselves. We're kind of addicted, won't lie.

We've also updated our customization options and are pointing them out more aggressively on our listings. You can change clasps on most necklaces and bracelets to magnetic clasps, add inches to your pieces, as well as switch earring hooks to studs or sterling for minor upcharges to cover materials cost. We aim to fit all bodies around these parts.

Policy wise, in an effort to reach customers old and new, we are continuing the holiday season's limit of ten items per customer per week after hearing some concerns from long-time shoppers that they couldn't access much on the site. We're a niche shop in many ways, catering to a diverse queer audience, and we want to be there for everyone, of all income brackets, whenever we can. The item window runs from Sunday to Saturday. Any items purchased OVER the ten item limit will be refunded and put back into available inventory.  Thank you for understanding.

And finally, on a personal note, this is more a "soft opening" than anything. Hillary and Becky do all of the administrative business between listing and shipping and there are some family emergencies calling our attention right now. Shipping time remains 5 business days, but listing may be slower than usual depending on demands on our time.


Thank you, and Happy New Year!