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Hillary (She/They)



By day, Hillary slings words, with ten books under her belt. By night, Hillary slings beads. Hillary started The Peculiarity Shop with partner Becky back in 2016 and it's been going strong ever since. Hillary's aesthetic tends to slant classic, cosmic, and spooky.


Becky (They/Them)



Becky is an enby of many hats, including a special ed teacher, a mom, and an artist. From astonishingly pretty hand-wrapped pendants to jingly charm bracelets and chainmail, Becky's been crafting weird and wild jewelry for well over fifteen years and has the bead stock to prove it.


Meg (They/Them)



Meg Frank is a painter, a baker, and a jewelry maker living and working in NYC. They’ve never met a medium they didn’t want to work in, a bookstore they didn’t want to shop in, or a kitten they didn’t want to cuddle.


Nibs (She/Her)



Nibs is a writer, editor, gamer, and collector of hobbies that have recently expanded to include making jewelry and dice. She aspires to be either a plant witch or a forest gnome, and her jewelry is appropriately botanical and/or spooky in theme.

Vavia (She/Her)



Vavia (she/her) is a dramaturg/cataloguer who doesn't work in either of those fields! She's also a lifelong magpie with a profound love of sparkles, dragons, and speculative fiction by people of historically marginalized genders.

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Sara Eileen (Ze/Hir)



Sara Eileen Hames is an artist, parent, and part-time dragon living in Brooklyn. When not chasing after hir two fairy tornados in the forms of human children, ze makes art about monsters, landscapes, bodies, dreams, and other aggressively beautiful things.

skeptical kitty (1)_edited.png

Lauren (She/Her)



Lauren is a writer, a tabletop RPG developer, a former bookseller, and a giant space nerd. Her bead collection is starting to rival her yarn stash, but neither can hold a candle to her TBR pile.

Lia (She/They)



Lia is a metadata librarian by day and a crafter by night.  They love making jewelry with very tiny beads and crystals.  Lia likes sparkly things and thinks they were probably a raccoon in a past  life.

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