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Tell me more about this seasonal box!


The team discussed the possibility of adding mystery boxes by season and fell in love with the idea. Our 2024 launch box will be themed SPRING HAZEyou can expect flowers and plants and growing things. I specifically state now none of the items will have religious connotations, in case that was a concern (or preference.) We try to be accessible to all of our customers and their myriad faiths.

You can customize your boxes not only by dollar amount, but you can request a specific crafter so you get a guaranteed piece FROM that crafter (it'd be the highest priced item in the box on larger dollar, multi-item boxes.) The rest of the mystery box will be populated by everyone on the team. You can also request what type of items you'd prefer, say, necklaces versus earrings. You can specify no bracelets or earrings at all! There's a lot of play here to ensure you get a box you love. I've included a notes field in the listing option so you can specify important details like "sterling silver ear wires only," "I require a 20" long necklace," "I hate pink," "silver-toned metals please." This isn't a commission per se, but we can play within certain reasonable boundaries.


SPRING HAZE will be available to order through February 29, 2024. Items will be crafted in March, and shipped throughout April 2024.

How will you compensate the team and/or my preferred crafter?

I believe in full disclosure on how our team is paid.  70% of every item listed goes to the named crafter. The rest covers listing costs as well as shipping/handling materials. In the case of mixed boxes, if you choose a specific crafter for the box, the primary item will be "assigned" to that crafter, and the value of that item will be paid to them at 70% just like any other normal listing. The rest of the box will be filled by an assortment of crafters and will be paid out using the same model.

Questions, feel free to reach out via Contact Form!


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